Salustek Inc. is the engineering company to develop the devices and systems for human healthcare with electronics, acoustics and optics


Salustek Inc. has been developing the technology for human healthcare. We have the strong desire for people to live healthy life for long time.

We have adopted the name “salus” from the meaning of health in Latin. The track of ellipses in our logo shows the heartbeat signal and “s” character from the word “salus”.

The “L” in the logo shows in gray in color in order to emphasize that our target is “live” and “life”.


Name of the company

Salustek Incorporated


Place of headquarter

2-10-26, Higashi-asahina, Yokohama-city, Japan 236-0033


Branch office

KIRIGAYA Lab’s 201, 1-4-43 numama, Zushi-city, kanagawa-ken, Japan 249-0004


Representative Director

Hiroshi Ogawa



5 million Japanese yen


Foundation date

July 1, 2014


Accounting period

June 30