This is the contraction of the sentence below;
“The products for senior people should be designed by senior people.”
Have you ever heard the story that parents have given up to wear the expensive hearing aid after a few weeks though we (sons or daughters) pooled the money to buy and present it to their parents?
It is important for senior people to compensate the functional decaying in old age and to keep their QOL (Quality of Life) good. However it differs in degree of decaying one by one. The one who knows it correctly is really himself.
So we think, the device and system for such compensation should be developed and designed by the people who use it.
It is not difficult to look for the seniors who can use 3D printer and CAD system. There are many capable seniors in the house next door. They are really one of “MAKER”s and users.
We are planning to equip such machines for seniors to design for themselves.