As I said in “PPK” page it is helpful for us to know any syndrome of diseases in advance.
And it is desirable to minimize further damage to one’s body from the view point of keeping QOL (The quality of life) good.

I, myself, have ever climbed up the Mt.Yarigatake in Japan with heart beat sensor. I rented a pulse oximeter at the lodge on the roots of the mountain.
The figure shows the result. It shows such heart beat monitoring was so helpful to show the timing to have a rest.




While walking or having a rest. I was annoyed by the questions from the people, “Hello. By the way what is it?”

I think it is preferable for senior people not to be known the fact that they are under measurement something.

Under such understandings, we set the word “unobtrusive “as the slogan of the device development.
By the Longman American Dictionary, this word has the meaning of “not easily noticed”.

So we aim to develop the devices for the people wearing device not to disturb his life and from the people around not to be noticeable.

This word has been used in the IEEE Phoenix Project.